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Records Storage

DATA STORAGE SYSTEM is a commercial, offsite, records storage facility available to the area’s professional community. We provide corporate organizations with an efficient, secure and convenient means of records storage and retrieval services.

ORGANIZATION DSS will computer index your cartons and store them on steel shelving at DSS’s facility. Our computer indexing is integrated with management reports that show you exactly what you have in storage, identify the cartons and their contents by data and span, and provide you with assigned destruction dates. Nothing is moved, removed, or destroyed without your specific instructions.

SAFETY AND SECURITY Security at our facility is maintained twenty-four hours a day, every day, including weekends and holidays. The physical plant is protected with perimeter alarms, automatic fire protection, and an interior alarm system monitored by a manned central station. Access to our facility is limited to our Records Administrator and staff and access to your records is limited to an authorized personnel listing provided by you.

ACCESS Unlike most warehouse operations, DSS will provide you with a TOTAL SERVICE CONCEPT. We will retrieve any carton or document at any time you request and make it available to you by courier or mail. We also supply copy service or phone reference service at your request. Our objective is to provide unlimited space for the continuous control and flow of your corporate records at a greatly reduced cost over “in house” retention. Precisely put, we make YOUR OPERATION MORE EFFICIENT. We reduce your personnel and building space costs. In addition to the cost savings, you receive a level of safety and security for your corporate records that you may not have at your present facility.

THE SYSTEM Your records can be packed–by your personnel or by Data Storage System–in boxes specifically designed to hold those records–whether they are file cards, legal-sized papers, or anything in between. Then, we will remove your records to our specially constructed building where they will be logged in, indexed by computer, and placed on steel shelving.

When you need a record or file, a call to the Data Storage System gets that material on its way through Data Storage System’s daily delivery service.

Or Data Storage System’s personnel can either read you the information over the phone or photocopy it and deliver it via messenger.

The Record Service Center’s hours coincide with yours. They are open eight hours a day, five days a week. And, if you need a record after hours, or on a weekend, there is an emergency number you can call for quick response at any hour–day or night.

CENTRALLY LOCATED The Data Storage System is located just minutes from downtown for quick, easy access. Its construction is mainly concrete and steel for fire retardation, and features a sophisticated security system.

RECORD ELIMINATION Most records need not be saved forever, so Data Storage System offers a complete record destruction service. Depending upon your requirements, Data Storage System can remove your obsolete records, to an incinerator for high-temperature burning, or have them pulverized for recycling.

If you require a certificate of destruction, this can also be arranged.

SOLUTION If your record-keeping is becoming a problem, call Data Storage System. A representative will show you how to begin saving money–while streamlining your record-keeping services.

DSS will fax, or scan your file within minutes, or deliver your hard copy file within one hour.